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Welcome to the Anything Goes Team Bazaar! This is the thread for sharing teams you've built that you'd like to discuss or get advice on! In short, it's a thread where you can show off teams without having to go through the trouble of writing up a full RMT. As long as your team is aimed at being functional in the Anything Goes metagame, you're free to post it here (in other words, don't post a team of 6 Caterpies simply because you think they're cute). With that said, here are a few guidelines for posting here that you're expected to have read:
  • This isn't the place to post unfinished or untested teams. While the standards here are more lax than the RMT forum, you're still expected to put some effort into polishing your team before presenting them here.
  • If you're going to comment on a team, please be constructive about it. If someone gives feedback on your team, also try to approach it with a constructive attitude even if you don't necessarily agree.
  • Try to avoid one-liners when commenting on a team. On a related note, try and avoid long back-and-forth discussions arguing about a team. If it gets too out of hand, your posts may be deleted.
  • Include a description, importable, and sprites when posting teams please! Make sure your description addresses specific teambuilding choices and general strategy, as well as any unique sets that might be on your team.
  • Please don't ask for your team to be added to samples. If you want to know why your team was turned down, message a council member and they'll try to give you some idea of why (don't nag though, decisions on teams will not be made right away).

The Anything Goes council will also be monitoring this thread for particularly good submissions, the best of which have a chance to be featured as sample teams in a separate thread. So, Sample Submissions can also be posted here.

The standards for a team being selected for the Sample Teams are as follows:
  • The team is accompanied by a clear explanation of the roles of each member and how the team should be played.
  • The team should be representative of the Anything Goes metagame. Niche builds are less likely to be featured than ones that represent the defining builds of the metagame.
  • The team should be extensively tested and polished. Having demonstrated success on ladder and tournaments is also a plus.
  • The team should have sufficient counterplay to most or all of the metagame, as well as general team archetypes (webs, stall, etc).
  • Sample teams should be relatively simple and intuitive to use. A new player should be able to understand how the sets and team as a whole work based on a brief description. This is a little harder to quantify, so try to put yourself in the shoes of a newer player. Is the general strategy of this team immediately apparent just given your description? If not, it probably isn't suitable for samples.

That's all, post away!


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samples subs:

Wake balance:
:toxapex::ting-lu::koraidon::walking wake::corviknight::miraidon:
Scarf Koraidon plus fast Wake is a really threatening combination, and Calm Mind Miraidon rounds out the core by taking advantage of Koraidon's Sun to click Overheat with relative freedom. It's got a fairly standard defensive backbone, but the Pex EVs are specifically chosen to avoid being 2hkoed by fast Wake's Hydro Steam in Sun. It works well on ladder and doesn't have any really bad matchups since between Miraidon and Wake it can break through just about any defensive core out there while Koraidon and Wake provide enough speed control to handle most offensive builds. I used pretty much this same team for the Ubers Moody test and it worked great there, and I've had a great deal of success with it on the AG ladder too.

SubSD Pao Balance:
:chien-pao::miraidon::corviknight::ting-lu::toxapex::great tusk:
TaxFraud and I made this during snake and it's a ton of fun and it's also really good. Scarf Miraidon forces a ton of switches and provides pivoting that you can abuse to get Pao in. Every time Chien-Pao comes in is an opportunity to win the game on the spot if you get the 50/50 right or haven't revealed your set yet. It also matches up super well into bulk but has fine matchups against just about everything since Choice Scarf Miraidon is a great equalizer and makes a lot of matchups that would otherwise be pretty difficult winnable. This one also has the specially invested Pex which IMO should be mandatory now for any Pex that doesn't have some other fat water resist / immunity / Blissey alongside it.

Band Pao + Double Dance Mirai Balance:
This originally had a Skeledirge over Pex but with the advent of Wake I'm finding it increasingly difficult to justify using Dirge on most balances since using it often means relying on one of the dragons as a Wake Check. This team's pretty generic, with the primary idea being to utilize Koraidon and Corviknight's pivoting to get Chien-Pao into a position where it can click buttons and make things disappear. Mirai serves as a nice win condition if Chien-Pao manages to break through Clodsire / Ting-Lu, and as a nice way to force either of those mons to come in so you can double Pao in and break more stuff.

Chi-Yu + Goth Balance:
:corviknight::koraidon::chi-yu::gothitelle::iron treads::toxapex:
This one's a bit of a weirder build, with the primary objective being to use Koraidon to force switches that let Gothitelle or Chi-Yu come in for free and kill them. Once their Koraidon counterplay is gone, it can clean pretty freely. Chi-Yu is a weird mon in that it's just unbelievably frail and as a result difficult to use, but pivoting helps to remedy that to an extent, giving it a good opportunity to shine. Gothitelle is another mon that's weird to use because just having it can lead to some really weird sequences where an opponent tries to play around the potential Gothitelle switchin, but at the same time it can be very difficult to predict when it's actually safe to bring it in, because if you misplay once with it there's a good chance you'll lose Gothitelle. Occa treads is funny and it's not a particularly good check to Miraidon but it does beat Flutter Mane a bit better than Ting-Lu, which is especially important since otherwise Flutter Mane would pretty much just 6-0 this team at preview. It'd probably be possible to drop Treads for Tera Steel Ting-Lu without any real consequences, although losing the extra hazard control will make Chi-Yu just that much harder to use.

I'm not yet fully Clodpilled since I still find that Ting-Lu provides invaluable utility as a backup blanket check to random offensive stuff that Clod just doesn't really provide. On most of these teams, the Ting-Lu could be pretty safely dropped for Clodsire without really jeopardizing the overall structure too much, although as usual it would make them drastically weaker to Gholdengo. Most of the defensive backbones are largely interchangeable, as Ting-Lu + Pex can generally be dropped safely for Clodsire + Skeledirge without suffering any substantial consequences, although random stuff like Flutter mane can suddenly become harder to deal with.

e: added sprites
Welcome to the post where I show you five of my favourite (in no particular order because I am lazy) generic cool and interesting SV AG teams I am submitting as samples, because I care too much about this metagame and need an self-confidence boost. I've had pretty decent success with them laddering on alts and in challenges with others. (Click sprites for PokePaste links).

Number One - Choice Specs Miraidon and Swords Dance Chien-Pao Balance
This team features the potent offensive core of Miraidon + Chien-Pao in order to break teams, has a standard defensive backbone in Clodsire + Toxapex + Corviknight, and rounds of the team with Koraidon to act as a revenge killer. I also have a similar team which instead pairs Miraidon with Iron Bundle, which gives a better matchup vs offensive teams. Not really much to explain, it's all very standard. Maybe I will make a post explaining the common Clodsire/Ting-Lu, Toxapex/Skeledirge, and Corviknight defensive core soon.

Number Two- Espathra Dual Screens Hyper Offense
:froslass::grimmsnarl::espathra::miraidon::chien-pao::great tusk:
This HO team opts for Froslass as its hazard setter as opposed to Glimmora as it would otherwise be unable to block Rapid Spin without Terastallizing. Grimmsnarl is of course a must-have on screens teams, the only notable thing here is that it has 20 Attack EVs to guarantee the 3HKO on Ting-Lu with Play Rough. Espathra and Miraidon make a good pair, weakening each other's checks so the other can clean up, with Miraidon also being able to activate Espathra's Electric Seed. Tera Fairy + Dazzling Gleam is an option over Tera Fighting + Tera Blast on Espathra, with the latter set being able to break past more of its checks, but with the former being less reliant on Terastallization. Chien-Pao is still a great wallbreaker, even on hyper offense where it can more easily afford to drop Heavy-Duty Boots. Great Tusk rounds out the team and is able to remove Stealth Rock for Chien-Pao, comfortably switch into and beat Espathra and Miraidon's checks, and threaten to sweep itself thanks to Bulk Up + Rapid Spin.

Number Three - Choice Specs Chi-Yu Sun
:great tusk::chi-yu::koraidon::ting-lu::toxapex::corviknight:
This is an altered version of a Sun team I made at the start of Gen 9. Originally, Skeledirge was here but I replaced it with Toxapex to better handle Chien-Pao. I also replaced Dragon Claw with Wild Charge on Koraidon, mainly to threaten Pelipper. Specs Chi-Yu under Sun is an insane wallbreaker that is all but guaranteed to get a kill if positioned correctly, which U-turn Koraidon can help with. Here it is paired with Scarf Koraidon for speed control and Bulk Up Great Tusk, which is an excellent form of hazard removal and can threaten to sweep teams. This team has Ting-Lu over Clodsire, but the two are always pretty interchangeable.

Number Four - Double Miraidon Balance
:miraidon::miraidon::great tusk::clodsire::toxapex::corviknight:
What is more broken than Miraidon? Logic dictates two Miraidon. This team showcases one of the few differences between Ubers and AG. The main idea here is that Specs Miraidon weakens/removes the opposing Miraidon checks so that the Double Dance Miraidon can clean up. The latter Miraidon is also good vs offensive teams. Great Tusk is also here as it has great synergy with Miraidon as the two beat each other's checks. The standard defensive core of Clodsire + Toxapex + Corviknight is again utilised here.

Number Five - Iron Valiant Sticky Web Hyper Offense
:masquerain::koraidon::chi-yu::gholdengo::iron valiant::annihilape:
See? There is actually an interesting team, I didn't lie. Webs may not be the most consistent playstyle but this team is a lot of fun. Masquerain is unfortunately the best Sticky Web user available so it is here. I decided to give it the non-standard Hydro Pump to punish Great Tusk and Iron Treads attempting to stay in and Rapid Spin away the webs, but it or Whirlwind can easily be replaced with Stun Spore. Like the last webs team I made, I wanted to exploit Chi-Yu under the Sun with Sticky Web support, so I added four attacks Koraidon and Choice Specs Chi-Yu. Gholdengo is here to block both Rapid Spin and Defog attempts to keep webs up, and to also threaten the opposing team with its Nasty Plot antics. Booster Energy Iron Valiant may seem counter-intuitive on a webs team, but I wanted to fix the issue of being unable to reliably outspeed Heavy-Duty Boots Miraidon and Choice Scarf Miraidon and Koraidon. Booster Energy Fraud Flutter Mane could be used here instead, but Iron Valiant is less susceptible to common priority moves. Lastly, the usually slow Annihilape is another good abuser of webs, and can check Heavy-Duty Boots Iron Bundle, which is otherwise thoroughly annoying to offensive teams.
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Geysers pressured me into submitting some samples so here you go

Kingambit + Encore Iron Bundle Bulky Offense
:kingambit: :iron bundle: :toxapex: :clodsire: :miraidon: :corviknight:
Kingambit is a pretty underrated mon and has good synergy with Iron Bundle, with the two of them able to wear down defensive cores and both providing some speed control. The given EV spread outspeeds most Skeledirge, and always lives Hydro Pump from Specs Bundle after rocks. Bundle abuses Kingambit’s checks and provides speed control outside of Sucker Punch. Pex EVs always live tera water Hydro Steam in sun. Mira nukes pretty much everything and can get free momentum with U-turn. Tera Fairy is helpful against Kora and Mira, but Dragon can be used for additional power. The defensive core is pretty standard to check most major threats, with Iron Bundle and Kingambit giving ample room to play around the remaining threats. Shed Shell on Clod since getting 6-0d by Mira + Goth/Dug isnt fun. Tera Flying on Corv boosts Brave Bird to quite respectable levels, and makes it resist Great Tusk's CC; the EVs always live +2 LO Chien-Pao Icicle Crash.

Scarf Koraidon + Walking Wake Sun
:Koraidon: :Walking Wake: :Great Tusk: :Clodsire: :Toxapex: :Corviknight:
Walking Wake is a menace that just outspeeds and KOs everything. The team typically wants to play to getting Wake into a position where it can click Hydro Steam and win. Dragon Pulse is chosen over Flamethrower to threaten Mira and Kora without the drop from Draco. Kora is a self-explanatory partner, with scarf providing a lot of freedom in how you play. Wild Charge is for Peli which is obnoxious otherwise, but Dragon Claw works perfectly fine too. Tusk has good synergy with Wake by pressuring Pex and Clodsire, and I think the Bulk Up set is an incredibly underused wincon that can just power through entire teams. The defensive core is literally copied from the other team except for tera ground on Pex to help vs Mira, though a fast Taunt Ting-Lu instead of Clodsire would work to facilitate the offensive core. Alternatively, Walking Wake can be replaced by scarf Chi-Yu which is almost as effective.

Double Miraidon + Chien-Pao Offense
:miraidon: :miraidon: :chien-pao: :toxapex: :corviknight: :iron treads:
This is an edit of a team that Geysers and I made for Staxi to use in snake (he won ofc). The main goal of the team is to apply pressure to the opponent's checks to double dance Mira with banded Chien-Pao so Mira can sweep late game. Scarf Mira gives the team more room to play around the opponent's threats, with Tera Dragon making it able to muscle through more mons, and is especially helpful for getting through Clodsire so the double dance Mira can sweep. Skele was changed to Pex to act as the team's primary Wake check, with Tera Grass letting it take a hit from Miraidon or Great Tusk in a pinch. Corviknight is able to act as a pivot to get in Chien-Pao more easily, and can U-turn out of Great Tusk into scarf Miraidon. A SpDef spread is used for extra insurance vs Iron Bundle and Fraud Mane, though a physically defensive set would improve the matchup vs Great Tusk. Iron Treads has an Occa Berry to take an Overheat from Mira, and Tera Ghost blanks fighting moves, blocks Rapid Spin, and can escape a Dugtrio trap. We decided to forgo Rapid Spin in favor of Volt Switch as the team prefers faster games anyway.

These next few teams aren't sample submissions but I wanted to share them anyway

Double Dance Mira Screens
:grimmsnarl: :glimmora: :miraidon: :chien-pao: :iron moth: :great tusk:
If you were at all active in the ag room on ps! in december and january, you already know what this team is. I built the original version of this team back in early december and peaked ladder after a few hours of climbing, and started to share the team around. I tweaked tons of different things until it ended up in its final form. I faced this team countless times on ladder and in roomtours so I thought I would be doing it a disservice if I didn't bring it up. The team's main goal is to get into a position where Mira or Chien-Pao is able to set up safely. Grimmsnarl is running the unorthodox max attack and play rough because it allows it to genuinely threaten a lot of mons with massive damage. Iron Moth is able to lure in ground types to make Miraidon's job easier, and can potentially sweep with agility and a few timely boosts from fiery dance. Tera Steel on Tusk lets it take fairy and dragon moves and allows it to set up on corviknight even easier. Sadly the team has really fallen off so I do not recommend using it anymore.

Koraidon Spam
:koraidon: :koraidon: :koraidon: :clodsire: :great tusk: :flutter mane:
This team is very fun to use. Life Orb Koraidon is able to smash open all of the common Koraidon checks so that the Sub + Bulk Up Koraidon is able to clean through teams. Flare Blitz and Wild Charge are used to easily break Pelipper and any fairy-types, the last two moves are flexible as long as you have a move capable of breaking Skeledirge. The Sub + Bulk Up Koraidon is a good cleaner that can set up on stuff like Clodsire pretty safely. Bulk Up is used instead of SD to make setting up on Great Tusk easier, and Stomping Tantrum is able to finish off weakened Skeledirge and Toxapex. Scarf Koraidon acts as the team's speed control, with tera fighting to boost CC to ridiculous levels. The Clodsire and Tusk sets are pretty standard, with Tera Steel on Tusk helping vs Chien-Pao. AV Flutter checks miscellaneous threats like Walking Wake, Iron Bundle, Chi-Yu and Miraidon, as well as blocking rapid spin so Tusk can't set up and sweep.

edit: added more teams
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Posted these in my AGSD teamdump but here are my favorite and most usable SV teams, enjoy :) - sub encore bundle + tinglu + ghol - spikestack bo - double av + nmi bundle + tinglu + ghol - spikestack heavy offense - hippo + ghol ft. spd glimm & scarf tusk - sand balance - korai spam + goth - sun heavy offense

Just to note, these teams were made for AGSD bo3 sets, so they're not necessarily consistent ladder teams but quite strong in bo1. The heavy offenses will be weak to HO structures, but to be honest most matchups should be playable with these ones. Hope they prove to be good for y'all

edit: see agsd teamdump for brief explanations, but happy to provide them more in detail
Alright, so in this post I'll share some of my SV teams. Particularly, the ones which are my favorite. I've had pretty decent success with these teams on ladder with alts, room-tours and challenge with others. So let's get this started

Specs Chi-Yu
:koraidon: :chi-yu: :great tusk: :ting-lu: :toxapex: :corviknight:
This is a pretty standard Specs Chi-Yu build, but I'll explain it through lol. Originally, this team had Skeledirge over Toxapex, but with Wake being introduced, I swapped Skeledirge with Pex. Scarf Kora provides speed control, and can easily bring in Chi-Yu via U-Turn. Chi-Yu is one hell of a wallbreaker under sun, just bring it in correctly, and it does it's thing. I've chosen BU Tusk here because it can just sweep through teams, and acts as an additional hazard removal apart from Corv. The EVs on Pex are for always living Tera Water Hydro Steam from Wake in sun. You can use Dragon Claw > Wild Charge, but then Pelipper is not pleasing. This team has Ting-Lu over Clod, but you can drop Ting-Lu for Clod, and you should be completely fine.

Double Dance Mira Balance
:miraidon: :chien pao: :toxapex: :koraidon: :ting lu: :corviknight:
Again, this team had Skeledirge over Pex at the start, but now I changed Skele to Pex. The idea of this team is pretty simple, bring in Pao via Corv or Scarf Kora and then click buttons. Once Pao has cleaned through Ting-Lu / Clodsire, Mira just cleans through. And in general, Mira and Pao compliment each other really well with having answers to each other's checks. You should be fine with running Clod > Ting-Lu here, but I feel Ting-Lu provides good backup to stuff which Clod just doesn't. But it should be fine.

Specs Mira + Boots Pao
:miraidon: :chien pao: :iron bundle: :toxapex: :clodsire: :corviknight:
This is a team I built few weeks back which features the offensive core of Mira + Pao + Bundle and the standard defensive core of Pex, Clod, Corv. Mira and Pao compliment each other really well, and Bundle is here because it's one of the best speed controls in the meta apparently. Corv is Tera Flying because it helps to check Tusk better, due to the fact that you resist Close Combat. Also it boosts Brave Bird damage relatively well.

That's it for my teams for now. I do have more teams, but they aren't equipped to the current meta. Anyways, these are the 3 teams I wanted to post, enjoy!!
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Heard about the Breloom craze a couple days ago and decided to build a team with it, which I've been using for AGLT. Also getting like 10 DMs a day to share it so here you go ~

Frozen Spikes (Cloyster) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Skill Link
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Spikes
- Shell Smash
- Icicle Spear
- Rock Blast

Wicked Witch (Hatterene) @ Air Balloon
Ability: Magic Bounce
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 204 HP / 252 SpA / 52 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psyshock
- Dazzling Gleam
- Mystical Fire
- Healing Wish

Iron Monkey (Breloom) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Technician
Tera Type: Fighting
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Mach Punch
- Bullet Seed
- Spore

Chilling Sabre (Chien-Pao) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Sword of Ruin
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Crunch
- Ice Shard
- Ice Spinner

Winged King (Koraidon) @ Lum Berry
Ability: Orichalcum Pulse
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Low Kick
- Stomping Tantrum
- Flame Charge

Iron Serpent (Miraidon) @ Leftovers
Ability: Hadron Engine
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 172 HP / 236 SpA / 100 Spe
Modest Nature
- Calm Mind
- Dazzling Gleam
- Parabolic Charge
- Agility
Should be easy enough to pilot this team, you lead Cloyster and depending on the anti-lead you either click Shell Smash (vs. Iron Bundle / Chien-Pao / if you force a switch), Icicle Spear (Flutter Mane / Flame Charge Koraidon / Breloom / Miraidon sometimes), Spikes (vs. Miraidon sometimes / most other things). If they anti-lead Grimmsnarl, Toxapex, or Glimmora, immediately go to Hatterene. Be smart with your Cloyster; it is a very high-value Pokemon if used correctly and you shouldn't just blindly Shell Smash / Spikes turn 1 if you have the opportunity to trade with an annoying Pokemon like Flutter Mane. If you really need to get opposing Koraidon / Breloom out of the way, you can Tera Ghost and take them out, but be careful about this and plan ahead.

Hatterene is vital to this team. You DO NOT want entry hazards on your side of the field (there are three Focus Sash users). If you lose momentum against an entry hazard setter, doesn't matter which one, go to Hatterene immediately. It has an Air Balloon equipped to help against common entry hazard setters in Iron Treads, Clodsire, and Ting-Lu. Hatterene has three other majorly important roles in this team, i.e. it blocks momentum loss at the hands of Toxapex for Cloyster / Chien-Pao / Koraidon, weakens Iron Treads / Gholdengo for Miraidon / Breloom, and restores teammates + a potential Focus Sash with Healing Wish. Don't try to be cute and replace this with a sweeper, I guarantee you it will worsen the performance of this team.

Chien-Pao is the next important member of the team. Do not replace this with anything and do not change the item on this. Focus Sash gives you a lot of breathing room against the Dragons, letting you 1v1 them reliably / re-grab momentum from them if they've managed to boost their stats. You can change Ice Shard to Sucker Punch for Iron Bundle but Ice Shard performs better on ladder. Breloom and Koraidon are the stars of this team, synergizing very well with each other. You'll often find one of these two cleaning up your opponent. Don't change this Koraidon set, you need it to overwhelm both Skeledirge and Toxapex for Breloom and Chien-Pao, respectively. Don't be stingy with Terastalizing Koraidon either. If you have the opportunity to overwhelm Skeledirge or take out Iron Bundle / Flutter Mane with Tera Fire, do so. Double Dance Miraidon rounds out the team as the last win condition and a check to the otherwise annoying Gholdengo. Don't be afraid of opposing Clodsire / Iron Treads on preview and write Miraidon off completely. Use Miraidon to bait them in, double switch into Koraidon / Breloom and go from there. If your opponent's Miraidon check is Ting-Lu, preserve Terastal for Miraidon, since chances are it will end up sweeping.

It's the only team I've been using for AGLT and it's performed really well, which is surprising because I can't pilot hyper offense, so it must be really good. Use it well and happy laddering ~

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