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  1. Bummer's Art Shack

    Could you make a joke involving the "magical" magma cookies that the old lady from ruby/sapphire sells? A cookie costing 100 dollars must be very... potent. Either that or a mario/zelda cross-reference with the magic whistle/ocarina of time being confused with one of the flutes.
  2. Calm Conquests - Cascavian Discussion Thread

    Another random note on the topic, using the inner focus ability for the first time lets you charge your triple kicks during the freeze.
  3. Problems/complaints

    Some glitches I found: Vitalimar's X-aerial must be blocked high, not low. Colossoil's X-Giga impact does not remove his x-attack Pyroak's X-Flamethrower does not lose X-Attack on block and chip damage is identical to regular damage.
  4. Lockdown Mafia 2: Hail To The Chief - Game Over, Mafia Wins!

    I'm sorry if I don't have anything helpful to contribute. However, I do have a thought about firing CIM. He's been one of the bigger contributors to the conversation, and yet the mafia hasn't targeted him even once. Why wouldn't they target an experienced NOC mafia player? In my defense, there's...
  5. Lockdown Mafia 2: Hail To The Chief - Game Over, Mafia Wins!

    Hi, posting to say I'm active and have been keeping up, but with nothing useful to say so far. Do you think we should take another look at what Trick Room said and try to get some info from it, as Accent was Trick Room's main defender, or is the mafia just trying to get us off track?
  6. Lockdown Mafia 2: Hail To The Chief - Game Over, Mafia Wins!

    I think that we should still stick with no lynch. We've all been just pointing fingers at each other, with no major slip-ups by mafia. Cardflip is off, so we won't be able to figure out if we actually did lynch a mafia member. I think it's best until we get some results, because we'll then have...
  7. Lockdown Mafia 2: Hail To The Chief - Game Over, Mafia Wins!

    sure... Elect RaRe555
  8. Signups for Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia (Speed)

    P2 Same for me...
  9. How did you create your username?

    In first grade, one girl couldn't pronounce my name and called me "jermy" instead of "jeremy". The name has stuck ever since.
  10. Apprentice Program - Round Thirty Eight

    Shoddy Battle nick: germy, germanydabassist Age: 13 Time zone: Pacific (-8) Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): Weekdays and Saturdays 10-12 PM, Sundays 5-12 PM Do you want to play in the tournament: yes or no? Yes Experience level: Pretty low, but I have Tiers I need help in (in order of...