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  1. Zinc Oxide

    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Sumwun, as i said google can be a great compensation of yours in such matter. I don't think you can have a chance to listen to a song in showdown, But yes you can listen to the background themes in ps !
  2. Zinc Oxide

    All avatars on Pokémon Showdown!

    1)Sunako 2)Theimmortal 3)legitmateusername All of em have great and awesome custom avvy's ! (avatar) But i'll pick Sunako's as my favorite ! I have to agree that immortal and Legitmate have awesome Avvys as well. I really liked how they made such great one themselves !
  3. Zinc Oxide

    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Azureaper, i don't really know why your having such less sound problem. I think its a matter of your sound system, in your mobile/Computer also try to increase your sound ! Battle themes are random, You don't chose them, they just come out randomly! Here is the list of them - Kanto Trainer...
  4. Zinc Oxide

    The Player: Issue 11

    the first player issue i ever read is this ! This was a really awesome ! i loved the Room owner interview with Cranham And also the room review ! i actually loved How (Not) to appeal Punishment article, It was indeed a helpful one. After reading this, I was hilariously happy ! I felt a...
  5. Zinc Oxide

    Favorite Room?

    I love chatting out In Anime and Manga and also In Debate And Discussions In Anime and manga room, i feel great talking about my favorite anime ! I am not a manga reader but i'm starting to read the new Naruto gaiden.. Plus i'll be happy to be friends with some Otakus! In Debate And...
  6. Zinc Oxide

    Favorite Name Color

    for me its blue But i love green as well ! Well Blue was my first color in ps ! i can't really say the name as its dead but my new account zinc oxide is green so i love em both !