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  1. Resource SV BSS Viability Rankings (Regulation D)

    I suppose now with the new mons, Ogerpon deserves a spot at A+. With versatility and solid match-ups, it looks set to be at high usage till the end of the season. I would probably keep the loyal 3 out of the rankings as they have basically failed to break top 50 and don't really have a...
  2. Resource Battle Stadium Singles Sample Team Thread

    Coming back to Pokémon after a break of over 5 years has been incredibly frustrating, inspiring, infuriating and exhilarating experience all at the same time. I re-started my BSS journey towards the end of Reg C, S7 by constructing teams based on the top mons and common sets available in the...
  3. Project Analyze The Strange Things You've Seen On Ladder!

    You know I ran into a very similar set where the opposing player used endure followed by hydro pump, luckily it missed and I could ko. I'm not sure if it was the same person as the one you bumped into (I ran into this a few days ago) or if its a trending strat among some players right now.

    1. Flutter Mane 2. Dragonite 3. Chien-Pao 4. Landorus-Therian 5. Heatran 6. Goldengho 7. Urshifu-Rapid-Strike 8. Zapdos 9. Ting-Lu 10. Iron Bundle
  5. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 51 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    So I no longer have Poke Bank and no way to transfer my Moon Cartridge mons to SV but still have boxes filled with goodies (competitive battle ready as well as various fresh breeds). If anyone can help me recover them to SV through 3ds trades to Poke Bank and then home, I'll be more than happy...
  6. A ton of free NA Marshadow Codes! [Completed]

    I'd like a code please. Thank you!
  7. To Rome with Love [Completed]

    #390. Christian's Chimchar ( OT: CHRIS - ID: 09881 Naive - Blaze 31 | 30 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31 HP Ice Fake Out | Encore | Counter | Blaze Kick Deposited: Rattata - Lvl 11 Message: Please trade pokemon with me. Thanks in advance! IGN: Doobzi Thanks :D
  8. NA Salazzle Event Code Drop

    Thanks I've taken 31!
  9. Special Season 6: BSS UU!

    All 3 get pretty much walled by skarmory. Plus they all lose to sash infernape. Honestly, their presence isn't all that harsh to the meta. I find other stuff more threatening. Stuff like thundi-t and Dragonite.
  10. Entralink Hoenn Starters

    IGN: Doobzi Deposited: Level 2 female Zigzagoon Requesting: Nest Ball Treecko Thank you sirrrr
  11. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    TFA's Bulky Mago Lando-T Wanted another Mega-salamence and mimikyu check cause they are everywhere and it's nice having something with rocks cause bulu/tran/cress is going to be forcing a lot of switches. I'd personally put hp ice over rock tomb cause with all the bulk on the team, I don't...
  12. Special Season 6: BSS UU!

    After about playing over 120 games on this ladder I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. Just to add to what theorymon said, the only really strong core I've seen consistently is the hydre + Mega metagross core with all sorts of alternatives. Tapu bulu/primarina/azu all being good 3rd mons. Kang +...
  13. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    Given that bulu/cress already deal with breloom, wouldn't an assault vest variant be better?
  14. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    Fischgrat's SD Zard X. I had no idea SD zard was that powerful. I mean look at those calcs. I think it would do great if we replaced mega gyara for flyium-z gyara to hit mega-venu and fini. Plus the added benefit of having a F-G-W core and F-D-S core is always great with the addition of ZardX.
  15. Victim Of The Week [On Hiatus]

    Kanon90s Empoleon. Always wanted to try this. Need to get around to breeding one soon.
  16. The Next Best Thing [Current Subject: Tapu Bulu]

    cant say's Z-Grass Knot. it's the only truly innovative thing in my opinion and seems it could be viable. I still think hp fire would be better but guess this could find a niche.
  17. BSS Teambuilding & Help Thread (SuMo Edition Reloaded 2.0)

    The faries you want to check include koko/lele/primarina and fini. Ferro deals better with those. The added fighting weakness isn't welcome but you can remedy that with adding a ghost type or something to deal with it.
  18. Community Create-a-Team 2: M-Lopunny + Lando-T

    Solerme's Landorus If you're going to be building a semi-stall team then you need rocks and a secondary check to blaze which deals with t-punch variants. I think lando fills that role perfectly with some secondary like dealing with t-punch charX and mimkyu.
  19. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 48 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    LF jolly rough skin garchomp/gible that knows the move stealth Rock (6th gen move tutor) and should have the Pentagon. Let me know if anyone can help. Willing to make offers for it! e: egg move outrage as well