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  1. Valafar123

    Gen 6 The XY Ubers Viability Ranking Thread [Read Post #1000]

    I just want to put this out: 252+ Atk Choice Band Technician Scizor Bullet Punch vs. 0 HP / 148 Def Xerneas: 290-344 (73.7 - 87.5%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock Modest Xerneas with a spread of 0/0/148/252/0/104 outspeeds everything up to Scarf Terrakion after its Geomancy boost...
  2. Valafar123

    np: NU Stage 11 - The End

    I'm so happy about these bans. This update doesn't seem to have been pushed on Showdown, though.
  3. Valafar123

    XY NU Theorymon Discussion

    I can always test Claydol and Registeel in my custom format that I'm playing with friends. I think Registeel is a little too much since it is effectively a better Propbopass (who is good as it is!). Claydol can probably make it to NU though. I'll add it and see what becomes of it. Gastrodon is...
  4. Valafar123

    XY NU Theorymon Discussion

    I'm a bit late to the party, but I do bring some testing results from a few custom NU games I've had with friends, so that's something at least. They're not the be-all end all, but they have at least brought a few things to light for me. As the thread discussed earlier, Sawk just became an even...
  5. Valafar123

    XY NU Theorymon Discussion

    The loss of Scolipede and Mandibuzz will definitely change the meta, especially the former. A lot of stall teams used the easy hazards as their win condition, so now they'll be forced to use slower hazard setters like Roselia, which in turn can be taunted. Mandibuzz was one of the better walls...
  6. Valafar123

    NU Playstyle Classification Thread

    I'm curious as to what the difference between offence and hyper-offence (though the latter isn't listed) is. Is a team that uses mostly wallbreakers and defensive pivots with no set up sweepers offence or hyper offence? I feel embarrassed because I really should know the difference by now. :/
  7. Valafar123

    NeverUsed RMT: First Forays

    This team is actually very similar to mine with 4 same species pokes. If you're running Tangela, go for 248 HP to make the number odd (that's a rule of thumb that I swear by on most Pokemon). It'll reduce residual and hazard damage and you'll still get the same HP from Regenerator (111). Try to...
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    [Gen V] The Moustachioed Man and the Spaghetti Monster

    Just to let people know I've started testing a few things on an alt. Decided to start with Expert Belted Golurk and the different EV spread on Probopass just to see how much I like the extra power. I'll post better feedback on the changes after the alt is laddered some more. It's 4-0 right now...
  9. Valafar123

    [Gen V] The Moustachioed Man and the Spaghetti Monster

    Updated the OP to include past mons and suggestions. Would anyone consider this team to be hyper offence? Or is it bulky offence? I'm a little confused with the terminology. :/
  10. Valafar123

    [Gen V] The Moustachioed Man and the Spaghetti Monster

    I beat Musharna one on one anyway. As it stands, Magnus beats it, Voltergeist beats it (especially CM sets) and Unicorn beats it. The paralysis support is too important to the team, I'm not cutting it. Especially on a team that won't benefit whatsoever from residual damage. The walls are the...
  11. Valafar123

    [Gen V] The Moustachioed Man and the Spaghetti Monster

    Thanks for the feedback peeps. :) I would post some replays to demonstrate some of my points, but Showdown is borked right now. :( Thank you very much. :) Unicorn's having a nasty case of 4 move slot syndrome. As much as I want to pack an answer to Jynx, I do unfortunately need the other...
  12. Valafar123

    Band Rant Gen 5 NU Rmt

    I feel your Electrode would benefit more from Taunt than it would Protect. Your team has a Stealth Rock weakness, and if you can't Rapid Spin them, you can at least try to Taunt them. I know the pokemon that are weak to it have recovery, but you'll be wasting a lot of turns trying to counteract...
  13. Valafar123

    [Gen V] The Moustachioed Man and the Spaghetti Monster

    Introduction Hello Smogonites. It's been an eternity since I last attempted laddering, so I thought to myself "Why not". I'm currently ranked #19 on the ladder with a score of 1883, but peaked at 1919. Ended going down a bit due to Showdown being in limbo between 5th and 6th gen a while ago...
  14. Valafar123

    NU Statistics — September 2013

    Interesting statistics. The tier seems to be staying generally diverse, but I'm noticing ex-RU pokes - namely Jynx, Scolipede, Golurk and Primeape - are by far the most dominant pokemon of the tier. I'm surprised Eelektross is so low down on the 1850+ stats. NU generally lacks good specially...
  15. Valafar123

    np: BW Ubers Suspect Round 4 - When You Sleep

    I'm not very attentive. >.>
  16. Valafar123

    Deoxys-S (Revamp) [QC 4/3] [GP 2/2]

    Fair point. I didn't know Sturdy actually worked vs. Counter. As for the Giratina-O part, that's only ever happened to me once. If I see Giratina-O and Genesect on the same team, I have to change my plans apparently. ^^;;
  17. Valafar123

    Ships in the Night (peaked #1)

    I'm actually using Modest Specs Kyogre on my own team. After hazards, nothing likes to switch in to it. The primary check to Kyogre is Palkia, which is typically scarfed: 252+ SpA Choice Specs Kyogre Thunder vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Palkia: 204-241 (63.55 - 75.07%) -- guaranteed 2HKO And even if...
  18. Valafar123

    Deoxys-S (Revamp) [QC 4/3] [GP 2/2]

    I love Suicide Lead Deoxys. One thing I've got to work rather well for me is Counter with the 4 EVs invested into Spdef. Sounds weird at first, but it deals with most of Deoxys' counters. The Counter will kill something after Genesect U-Turns on it, and then you can get your rocks up without...
  19. Valafar123

    Ships in the Night (peaked #1)

    Back when I used Kabutops, I used a Jolly Choice Banded set with 164 speed EVs (260 speed in the end, 520 in rain). Lets you outspeed Scarf Terrakion by one point, avoid residual damage from Life Orb and gives you some free EVs to invest into physical defence or HP to allow you to better switch...
  20. Valafar123

    Silly Things You Have Seen On the Ubers Ladder!

    This is easily one of my favourite threads. Might get back into Ubers soon for the lols.