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  1. CAP 16 CAP 5 - Art Submissions

    Just wanted to throw in my support for Statler and Waldorf. Besides being hilarious, the rotten tomato-esque theme is spot on. I think that your grittier looking pokemon will struggle to get widespread support as easily as others, but damn if it isn't inspired. Making it nicer on the eyes would...
  2. CAP 14 CAP 3 - Part 14 - Sprite Poll 1

    Wyverii DougJustDoug Doran Dragon
  3. Policy Review Policy Review Committee Discussion

    The following is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of mathematics. (Warning: Low CAP content.) This is not good maths. This is a bad model to represent reality because it fails to account for really important stuff. Communities are not random vote generators who can either be likely or...
  4. CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 8 - (Name Submissions)

    Final submission Eyriefaux This is a four or five way pun. So let's get down to business. Eyrie; an eagle or bird of prey's nest. Faux; a fake, an imposter. This loosely describes the bird like nature and the fakery aspect of this pokemon. Eyrie has two correct pronunciations -...
  5. CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 3)

  6. CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 2)

    You are meant to vote for the best design right? Right? Okay then. Cartoons!
  7. Tier List?

    Yes, and for all of the playtesting process we have worked to identify problem match ups. However, identifying an entire match up grid is hard enough on old established games played in tournaments, so I don't think that's particularly productive here on a game in constant flux. It's enough to...
  8. Problems/complaints

    Tested F11 since that's not what I use, found it didn't work. If that doesn't work for you, alt+enter full screens and un-fullscreens everything ever. So that should work, too.
  9. ..... - The Revenankh Discussion Thread

    Yeah I have always been happy with the direction Rev has been going in. He has amazing normals, yet only now are they getting the love they deserve. It shows we're starting to get beyond incredibly too-good set ups for Rev. His wake up game is scary, yet it's actually not universal and boring...
  10. Video thread

    Cascavian unveiled! I play Casc vs Cartoons playing almost all of the cast. Part one Part two
  11. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 14 - Sprite Poll 2

    Also chiming in with my support for Wyverii. I'm not sure I can gush as hard as Dusk, so I'll just say I appreciate the menacing look and like the shiny colours best. Excellent "horror" colours in the green/purple mix which no one else captures.
  12. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 14 - Sprite Poll 1

    Wyverii Chaoscrippler DarthVader317 DougJustDoug
  13. Video thread

    Matches of myself against cartoons. First I stick with Krilowatt while cartoons switches up. Second video is all ant vs kit. Kit, unlike most characters, can actually slow down the pace of ant's rushdown! FimPhym Krilowatt vs Cartoons! Various FimPhym Syclant vs Cartoons! Kitsunoh
  14. Tier List?

    Strata just has a handful of slightly worse than even match ups, no biggie. Being mid tier isn't some huge blow. Same with low, really. For example Vitalimar - Strata is probably one of his better match ups. No reversal, tries to leverage mobility but can't easily escape quick feet, etc...
  15. Tier List?

    Just to be clear order within each tier is pretty meaningless. Also, every character is viable, though Kril and Vit have some awful match ups. Also to clarify, god tier is for characters you must use to be competitive or you'll lose. Garbage is for characters that are total jokes and cannot win...
  16. A Bone to Pick -- Skulloton discussion

    Yeah, light 'rang is great. Against Argh, you can toss one out and immediately prevent all his approach options. Mach punch, jump in etc all get stuffed by it. Of course, if the Argh isn't being stupid he can just wait for it to start returning and mach punch in the window between 'rang...
  17. A Bone to Pick -- Skulloton discussion

    Everytime I pick up a character, someone makes the character topic! How convenient. So, Skull feels solidly top tier up there with Rev. Haven't decided if he's too good or not, will need to test. As usual, I play quite aggressively. Skull is good for hanging back a little if necessary...
  18. Worst match ups

    I've been complaining about the Vit vs Soil match up, but I'd like to take back what I said. I think I just play Vit way too aggressive in that match. Seemed actually okay with hit and run Vit, but maybe people can try testing it. I'm especially interested in toons vs tgm. (Obviously accounting...
  19. Battle Capacity OST

    Uploaded the tracks to youtube, for the lazy, sampling or otherwise unable to access the OST. Playlist is here Enjoy!
  20. Video thread

    Krilowatt vs the big guys! Revenankh and Colossoil, played by Via and Wyv respectively. Rev Part one Part two Colossoil Part one Part two