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  1. CornstarchII

    CAP 33 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

    Dark/Poison Water/Fairy
  2. CornstarchII

    CAP 32 - Part 17 - Flavor Ability Poll 1

    Anticipation Own Tempo Pressure
  3. CornstarchII

    Kool, how about you?

    Kool, how about you?
  4. CornstarchII

    Resource SM Simple Question, Simple Answer Thread

    Hey, just wondering why usum seems to be the most popular old gen ou metagame right now? Is it just that people miss megas/zmoves, or is it actually just a good metagame?
  5. CornstarchII

    Your weird and wacky dreams

    I had a dream last night where Hitler was still alive and he just lived in this small apartment and only a few people knew about him. Some dude would visit him once a week to give him food and he would just stay in his room all day and never leave. I think he eventually died after that guy...
  6. CornstarchII

    CAP 32 - Part 10 - Secondary Ability Poll

    No Competitive Ability
  7. CornstarchII

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Hi, Is there a place where you can see how many battles are played each day in total for each metagame?
  8. CornstarchII

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 4

  9. CornstarchII

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 3

    Darek BaffleTome Sunfished Quanyails
  10. CornstarchII

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 2

    Gravity Monkey BaffleTome Golurkyourself Darek
  11. CornstarchII

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 1

    YamiTheYin Yilx Gravity Monkey Modpost: Fixing ballot format.