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  1. autumn

    Resource The OU Quality Control Team (and how to join)

    dex has stepped down from the QC team, thank you for your contributions!
  2. autumn

    Tournament NDWC III - Week Five

    won due to timeout gg
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    okay see you 5pm yours sunday ty

    okay see you 5pm yours sunday ty
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    BSS Support Gardevoir [QC 1/1][GP 2/2]

    1/1 GP Team done - As GP, you shouldn't be altering the content of an analysis in any way, as that has been checked by people who play the meta and can verify things. If you make content changes, that level of verification is gone and your changes could end up misinterpreting the point. By...
  5. autumn

    NU Quiver Dance Vivillon

    1/1 GP Team done [SET] name: Quiver Dance move 1: Quiver Dance move 2: Sleep Powder move 3: Hurricane move 4: Substitute / Bug Buzz / Tera Blast item: Heavy-Duty Boots / Focus Sash ability: Compound Eyes nature: Timid evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe tera type: Ground / Ghost / Flying [SET...
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    jw would you be able to do earlier like 5-6? fine if not but it would help a lot

    jw would you be able to do earlier like 5-6? fine if not but it would help a lot
  7. autumn

    8pm your time sunday?

    8pm your time sunday?
  8. autumn

    Monotype Mad Hatter (Fairy) [GP 0/1]

    1/1 GP Team done and Neko if you wanted to implement [SET] Hatterene @ Leftovers Name: Calm Mind (Fairy) Ability: Magic Bounce EVs: 252 HP / 204 Def / 52 Spe Bold Nature - Calm Mind - Psyshock / Psychic - Draining Kiss - Mystical Fire / Giga Drain [SET COMMENTS] Hatterene is a near-essential...
  9. autumn

    NU Ursaring [QC 2/2] [GP 2/2]

    2/2 GP Team done [OVERVIEW] Ursaring is an amazing wallbreaker in NU. Eviolite + Bulk Up Ursaring makes for a fantastic sweeper, while Flame Orb sets make great use of Trailblaze, which makes Ursaring more difficult to revenge kill, and support status-weak teammates. (not really sure what the...
  10. autumn

    Copyediting Substitute+Dragon Dance Tyranitar [GP: 0/1]

    1/1 GP Team done credit both of us [SET] name: Dragon Dance move 1: Dragon Dance move 2: Substitute / Taunt move 3: Stone Edge move 4: Earthquake item: Leftovers ability: Sand Stream nature: Jolly evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe tera type: Flying [SET COMMENTS] Dragon Dance Tyranitar attempts...
  11. autumn

    Copyediting Hippowdon [GP: 0/1]

    1/1 GP Team done credit both of us as checkers Lunaflare overall your use of commas has improved a lot, and that was a really good part of the check. Try to focus on other objective errors too liek setup vs set up, capitalisation etc too. - The term phaze (phazer, phazing, phazed), NOT "phaze...
  12. autumn

    National Dex Monotype Victini (Psychic) [QC: 2/2] [GP: 1/1]

    1/1 GP Team done you can credit ken as well especially now he's official gp [SET] Victini @ Choice Band Name: Choice Band (Psychic) Ability: Victory Star EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - V-Create - Bolt Strike - U-turn - Trick / Brick Break [SET COMMENTS] Victini is a great...
  13. autumn

    Landorus-T (Flying)

    1/1 GP Team done credit both of us - Pokemon aren't killed, so kill should be changed to KO. The only exception to this rule is 'revenge kill' - Your change 'relieves pressure off of' -> 'relieves pressure from' is fine even if a bit subjectuve, but you forgot to remove the word 'of' so it...
  14. autumn

    Monotype Hisuian Zoroark (Normal) [QC: 2/2] [GP: 0/1]

    1/1 GP Team done [SET] Zoroark-Hisui @ Choice Specs Name: Choice Specs (Normal) Ability: Illusion EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe IVs: 0 Atk Timid Nature - Trick - Shadow Ball - Flamethrower / Grass Knot - Focus Blast / Grass Knot [SET COMMENTS] Hisuian Zoroark is a crucial member of any good...
  15. autumn

    Arghonaut [GP 1/1]

    1/1 GP Team done [SET] name: Unaware Wall move 1: Spikes move 2: Circle Throw move 3: Knock Off move 4: Recover item: Leftovers / Covert Cloak tera type: Fairy ability: Impish nature: Careful evs: 252 HP / 148 Def / 108 SpD [SET COMMENTS] Set Details =================== Great mixed bulk and...
  16. autumn

    STAB Great Tusk [GP 1/1]

    1/1 GP Team done credit both of us Be careful of adding too much dex info - there's no need to explain what every move does because you can find that on the dex / by googling. Instead, you wanna relate that back to the metagame - 'Opponent' refersto the opposing player, while 'foe' refers...
  17. autumn

    STAB Swords Dance (Kingambit) [GP 0/1]

    1/1 GP Team done credit both of us i'm not really sure why this is 3 paragraphs - is that intentional? [SET] name: Swords Dance move 1: Swords Dance move 2: Behemoth Blade / Behemoth Bash move 3: Knock Off move 4: Sucker Punch / Bullet Punch item: Leftovers / Heavy-Duty Boots / Covert Cloak...
  18. autumn

    STAB Roaring Moon [QC 2/2] [GP 1/1]

    1/1 GP Team done credit both of us WrathoftheLeopard this is a lot better, and your knowledge is super solid. Great check! - 'x along with y' or 'x in combination with y' or 'x as well as y' or anything like that are singular, not plural in the way 'x and y' is. Phrases like "as well as"...
  19. autumn

    Copyediting Boots Bulky Pivot Slither Wing [QC 1/2]

    1/1 GP Team done credit both of us, you only need to implement this one [SET] name: Bulky Pivot move 1: First Impression move 2: Close Combat move 3: U-turn move 4: Morning Sun item: Protective Pads / Heavy-Duty Boots ability: Protosynthesis nature: Adamant evs: 248 HP / 16 Atk / 60 SpD / 184...
  20. autumn

    Monotype Chien-Pao (Ice) [QC: 3/2] [GP: 0/1]

    1/1 GP Team done WrathoftheLeopard overall, your knowledge of grammar seems solid, but the biggest thing is to avoid making unnecessary subjective changes. As GP, you want to preserve the voice of the writer as much as possible, so their work can be up on site in their own words as much as...