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  • naa its cool bro, we can just rematch sometime.. hit me up on youtube xD "Jrion2"
    aw so your dragonite was adamant? lol that explains alot, ill be looking forward to watching the vid when it comes up xD
    But overall, that was the most fun match ive ever had lol, things just got so intense! xD
    nevermind i did the calculations and now im pissed off lol, this will amaze you, i gave your dragonite, 31 iv in attack, 252 in attack and an adamant nature even though i know these probably arnt his stats and if they are? heres the damage: 89%-105% . thats the max damage, since i know you wernt banded since you had that lum berry. It would have only had a small chance to kill me if your dragonite was adamant, if not? the damage ranged from 73.8%-89%. thats insane man, you got lucky twice lol!
    send me your dragonite, nature,item,iv,ev stats, ima calculate if my lux would have been able to take that hit, doubt it but lets make sure! xD
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