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  • Depends on how much you really want to qualify vs just having fun. If it's the first then maximize your odds otherwise just have fun. Btw I'm trying a new Empoleon list with Bouffalant as backup with no EXs so far. Fares surprisingly good as the opponent gets 120 damage on their EXs all around but I'm gonna try teching either a mew or Mewtwo EX to see what happens, still having a lot of fun with the iron penguin :P
    True that however if you're planning to use skyla in order to accelerate your draw power then clearly you're missing on some better options (random receiver for example to get a juniper). Also, getting back at raticate's case I think all it actually needs is a good old rocky helmet to work, sure they can choose not to attack or switch to another ally and dispatch the little rat, but your main target are Ex's and unless they carry super scoop up (and a lot of luck with coin flips) they'll have a sitting duck on the bench that can be sniped even by a tynamo. Might become a funny rougue deck if given enough thought, or maybe just have raticate sitting on the bench and use mew-ex to attack instead? wouldn't be too crazy either
    Well now with dragons exalted there's a reprint of hyper devolution spray so you can just play a lot of foonguss in your bench and use the same amoonguss over and over again (and it shouldn't be too hard to pull out trainer cards when you need them thanks to skyla)
    But no worries I'm still focusing into finding the perfect strategy with my current empoleon list. I recently added another max potion since it makes wonders against those mons unable to OHKO the metal penguin which is awesome. Also since I'm going mono water here it's even easier to grab all the required energies, but definitely what I like the most is the flexibility empoleon brings to every match. Dude I am sincerely grateful for that article that opened my eyes to such a great card to use :P
    yup, that one but it needs poison to be more specific. The wording states that you place damage counters until the defending pokemon until it has only 10 hp remaining which is a KO if you manage to poison it, for example with Amoonguss, or by using deck and cover the previous turn, given that the opponent doesn't have a switch you can finish with raticate even that so feared 300HP Black Kyurem-Ex.
    Sure theorymon might not be the best decision right now, but that doesn't mean you can't sometimes overpredict good strategies as well (something like that happened to a friend who bought a lot of terrakions before they got so up in price for example).
    Always be on the lookout for key cards before they become hard to get, even before their release and you might be into something good already :P (and it's fun as well xD)
    hey crawdaunt have you checked the scans for BW2 sets yet? I can picture a lot of interesting strategies aside from mere brute force, take a good look at raticate, it begs for an amoonguss ND in the bench, or maybe deck and cover Accelgor, tell me what you think. Also I've been trying an Empoleon/Kyurem/Kyurem-Ex list with Lapras ND to setup, it's been working pretty well against most decks so far even darkrai, though I haven't tested it yet against a proper Zekeel .-.
    I've only just gotten back into the TCG, but nearly every one of your post are a huge help figuring out what the modern format is like. Keep up your streak of awesome, helpful posts!
    Ok I made some changes, took away 1 twist mountain, 1 terrakion and Cilan and included and extra N, Juniper and a Max potion. I was thinking about Bianca but she just doesn't get along with empoleon's ability. I'll keep communication for now since it makes it easier to get another empoleon right away, something level ball can't do, and I can always trade either a prinplup or an aerodactyl there.
    Here's a sample one http://www2.bebessearch.com/Pokedex/DecklistShare.aspx?id=207739524&key=563337451
    The deck currently lacks search power as it only has 2 pokemon communication, however I think that between Cheren and Juniper it'll be enough to get an empoleon on turn 2 or 3 at worst and then start diving drawing every turn until the bench is full. I only put 2 Juniper because discarding too much isn't optimal when playing with empoleon as almost all cards count to setup the strategy. I also ran 2 prinplup to help against Gothithelle trying to setup an item lock early and also ended up running 3 aero - 3 terrakion in exchange of running no pluspowers at all (a much appreciated boost especially against eviolited mewtwo and tornadus ex). The super rods are obvious too, this deck can't afford losing on empoleon's family.
    Still I feel that I need to include a couple of max potion somewhere but I don't know what to take away >_< (max potion + empoleon = angry mewtwo)
    I agree, for starters Terrakion is a basic pokemon while aerodactyl is a restored one, so running Aero puts you at risk of being donked if you don't get the heads to put it on your bench and it needs another card to even setup (which can be easily wiped by opposing skyarrow bridge). How about a combination of aero and terrakion together? For example 3 terrakion - 2 aeros - 2 twist mountains. That way aero works as a supporter only in specific situations while terrakion keeps electric types at bay, also a 100 damage retaliate is nothing to laugh at. I'll try putting a deck together and send you the full list so you can check it out. Also since the rotation has been confirmed to be BW-on I'll build the deck around that :p
    wouldn't it need to include a couple of DCEs as well for aerodactyl to be effective in a desperate situation? Also how many aerodactyls would you suggest? I was considering either 2-2 or 2-3 (aeros-twist mountain)
    It's not that hard for me to grab a couple terrakions yet, but I'd rather use them because they keep both Zekrom and Zekrom-Ex at bay (or simply catcher one of those for the retaliate KO). Still I'm wondering what to replace to fit in the Aerodactyl with twisted mountain since the stadium actually helps opposing Tornadus EX which I don't want to do (specially if there's too few pokemon on the field).
    Hey Crawdaunt I just wanted to say thanks for giving the idea of the empoleon/terrakion deck, it's just the kind of Deck I had been looking for a while and my latest tests have worked pretty well so far although I still need to get a more consistent setup. I think Pichu's playground on the start would be awesome if the opponent is overconfident enough to fill his bench along with yours opening a potential Empoleon sweep from turn 2 *_* On the other hand I still can't decide on the correct energy distribution between fight/water but I am looking forward at Blend Energy from Dragon Blade which includes those two types along with electric (which might or might not come in handy for mew ex as well)
    Hey, you the same Crawdaunt from Sixprizes, right? The guy who posted all those rogue decks? I loved those :)
    NXD. I think you should go for it, I've been playing with it for a while so I'd definitely join in on discussion. Of course if you don't think it'll get much discussion disregard this haha.
    Hey! I know you know Chandelure better than I do, so I was wondering if you planned on making a discussion for it? I just wanted to make sure you didn't want to do it before I prepared one.
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