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  • I do not approve of your laughter at what is possibly the most fearsome thing around.

    No joke buddy, go play earthbound or something and cry your lil heart out when you face one...*shudder*
    Hey Banryu, can you explain the EVs you put on the sets for my Aggron discussion board? Thanks!
    Actually I just look onling for something called, "Pokemon Devamps". Give it a google search and you will find 3rd and 4th and (a couple) 5th Generation Pokemon made to look like the RBYGSC spriting style.
    change your gp approval to 0/2 please

    my post was a placeholder i havent even done the proper gp check and given the stamp yet -_______-
    Trust me, and I have other people to back me up on this: It doesn't. It literally is the worst Pokemon I have ever used lol, even worse than Delibird. That being said, I will test that ResTalk set though, I completely missed it, and at worst i'll add it to the Other Options.

    But yeah as I said, I tested 3 sets, and 2 of them were Specially based, and against any decent Pokemon in the tier, it will die due to the fact it has so many common weaknesses. Hence why boosting its defense is the best option here, because literally nothing else decent loses to Maggyo.
    Ok I...

    -Added Mummy to the Overview.
    -Added Evil Eye to AC (I didn't slash it because it is simply far less reliable, and the power difference isn't even too great. And SB also has a chance to lower SDef).
    -Mentioned WoW over Rest in AC.

    Oh, forgot to mention that if Ononokusu ran that spread I just mentioned, he would still have 74 spare EVs to use as he sees fit. :x
    As regards Sturdy:
    a) Yes, I believe OHKO moves will be allowed in Gen V, at least initially, as we are trying to start with a 'clean slate' as regards tiering.
    b) Sturdy does have a new effect in B/W - it works like an auto-Focus Sash, so Iwaparesu will survive with 1HP if on full health.

    I'll mention Ononokusu. Thanks.
    (character limit)

    When writing the pre-analysis we have to assume that all Pokemon are in the same the moment there is no UU tier. When things settle down and tiers are eventually decided, I'm sure Kurimugan will end up in UU or NU and then he will recieve a lot more movesets but for now at least, he's gonna have to sit in Ononokusu's shadow.
    Hi, thanks for the feedback.

    The reason I decided not to add a Choice Band set is mostly because Ononokusu exists. A 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Kurimugan reaches the following stat points: 296 HP / 339 Atk / 216 Def / x / 216 SpD / 214 Spe. If Ononokusu were to run a spread of 24 HP / 252 Atk / 160 SpD Adamant he would reach the following stat points: 299 HP / 432 Atk / 216 Def / x / 216 SpD / 230 Spe. Now, I'm not reccomending you run that stat spread on Ononokusu but it goes to show that he has a better stat distribution for the Choice Band role as he comes out with nearly 100 more Atk points and better Speed. The likes of Fire Fang, Superpower and Sucker Punch just aren't enough to compensate for Kurimugan's inferiorities here (especially when you consider you'll mostly be spamming Dragon attacks + Earthquake with both of them anyway).
    Thanks for the comment.

    The thing is, Denchura is extremely fast anyway, it doesn't need Agility to be effective. If whatever is coming in is faster, you would still usually be better off hitting it with Thunder rather than wasting a turn to boost with Agility. Assuming that we have max Speed Denchura after an Agility, which is 692 Speed, your opponent would have to be a quarter of that Speed (ie less than 173) to do more damage than Thunder. And at that point, hitting whatever switched in with Thunder first turn would do more damage overall anyway.

    I'll mention it in AC though, so thanks for bringing it up.
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